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    Kitchen Gadgets That Simplify Healthy Cooking

    The number one excuse people use as to why they have not changed their eating habits, even when they know all of the health problems that arise from our typical western diets, is the time and effort it takes to cook wholesome meals at home. Let’s face it, when we are already pulled in so many directions throughout the day, the last thing we want is to come home and face the daunting prep work that often comes along with eating healthy. These are a few of my favorite helpers in the kitchen, and a few tips and tricks to keep you from calling that pizza delivery place on your…

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    How Your Mind Affects Your Gut (and Vice-Versa)

    Have you ever had to give a speech, or sing for a crowd? In the hours or minutes leading up to the big moment, were you so nervous that you felt like you could vomit or that you needed to run to the bathroom? If so, you have experienced what I call the mind-gut connection. It’s no secret that our minds are powerful things. The evidence of the placebo effect should be enough to show us just how powerful. This phenomenon occurs when a patient is given a sugar pill and, believing it to be a healing medicine, begin to recover from their illness through simply believing that they would.…

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    My Favorite Ways To Stay Active With a Toddler

    I hope I’m not alone when I say that there are some days.. okay, A LOT of days when I feel like all I want to do is sit down and let someone else handle all of the chaos that is life with a toddler. Unfortunately, my husband works insane hours and there is usually no one else to pick up the slack. This leaves me to be the cook, maid, teacher, errand runner, and playmate. Let me tell you a little secret, sometimes all it takes for a little boy to be happy is sitting on the floor of the playroom, pretending to eat all of the food he…

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    5 Signs Your Body Needs A Cleanse

    These days, with the internet, social media, and all of the many fad diets and trends spreading like wildfire through the outlets provided by our modern lifestyles, I am sure you have heard the word “cleanse” floating around everywhere. But what exactly is a cleanse, and what kind of cleanse do I recommend? First, a cleanse is a short period of time in which you follow a strict diet plan (usually one that offers much less solid foods than you would normally eat in a day) allowing your body to more effectively eliminate toxins, hormones, and waste. A lot of the cleanses you hear about are focused more on weight…

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    8 Healthy Foods You Should Be Avoiding

    When it comes to our diets, everyone seems to have a different idea of what healthy food means. It seems that, over the years, we have lost track of the knowledge that came naturally to our ancestors. And no wonder- with the typical western diet, our bodies have become prone to disease and obesity. Then, when we try to take control of our health and turn our diets around, we are bombarded with fads, quick fixes, and money-hungry companies selling “diet food” as “health food” that in reality is anything but. So, we have become lost, not knowing if these foods are truly nourishing our bodies, or if we are…

  • Faith

    Discovering the Ebenezer Stone

    A while back I picked up a book called, A Fierce Love. I can’t really say what drew me to this book since it is not at all something I would normally just pick up and read. It is a book about the author’s struggle after her husband of ten years (and father of their three boys) declared one day that he would leave her for another woman, that he no longer loved her, and in fact, had never loved her or found her attractive to begin with. My husband and I have always had a good marriage with love and communication, so it was not our own struggles that…

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    The Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners

    Did you know that there is an ever-growing list of ingredients that are used in our foods here in the United States that are banned in most other countries? Chances are if it comes in a package, there is something in it that is dangerous to your health and consequently not allowed in the food in other countries. Even our pork and beef is banned in other countries due to a growth hormone that we use that is thought to affect the cardiovascular system and cause hyperactivity, behavioral changes, and elevated heart rates and heart-pounding sensations. Most of our bread, rolls, and buns contain the food additive potassium bromate, which…

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    What You Need To Know About Diastasis Recti

    If you’ve had a baby in recent years, you may have heard about a condition called diastasis recti. If you haven’t, let me first explain what it is. Diastasis recti is basically a fancy way of saying that your abdominal muscles have separated down the middle of your stomach. This condition is usually accompanied by what has become known as the “mommy tummy”, or a bulge in your abdomen that won’t go away even after you’ve lost the baby weight. Diastasis recti can also cause a weak pelvic floor, urine incontinence, lower back problems, and weak core strength. At one time, this condition was thought to be cured only through…

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    Understanding the Importance of Balanced Hormones

    I mentioned before how some foods we eat can increase the amount of estrogen in our bodies. This is also true with testosterone and other hormones, meaning what we eat has a huge impact on our moods, health, and our body’s overall balance. What exactly are hormones? Hormones act as little messengers that are secreted directly into the bloodstream that carries them to organs and tissues to carry out their specific functions. There are many different types of hormones that act on different aspects of bodily functions and processes. Basically, hormones control everything in our bodies and make us who we are. When these little messengers are out of whack,…

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    How To Find Your Drive

    Let’s face it, some days all we feel like doing is sitting down to binge-watch New Girl for the third time, surrounded by (hopefully healthy) snacks and the remote. If it’s out of your reach, you don’t need it. If the kids are not killing each other or setting fire to anything, you’re happy. On days like this, it doesn’t matter how much coffee you try to drown yourself in, you’re just not feeling it. And that’s okay. Let the laundry pile up, let the dishes sit in the sink, and let the dust settle. The occasional rest day is good for the soul. But what happens when those “occasional”…