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Kitchen Gadgets That Simplify Healthy Cooking

The number one excuse people use as to why they have not changed their eating habits, even when they know all of the health problems that arise from our typical western diets, is the time and effort it takes to cook wholesome meals at home.

Let’s face it, when we are already pulled in so many directions throughout the day, the last thing we want is to come home and face the daunting prep work that often comes along with eating healthy.

These are a few of my favorite helpers in the kitchen, and a few tips and tricks to keep you from calling that pizza delivery place on your speed dial, and away from the drive-thru on those busy nights. Without these little gadgets, I know I would be spending a lot more time in the kitchen.

Of course, I had to mention this gem! When I first got married, a lot of women told me how much I would just LOVE my crockpot. At the time, I failed to see the beauty of such a simple invention. I hated cooking and wasn’t exactly living very healthy at the time. Nowadays, I really do love my crockpot! I use it for dinner, breakfast, special occasions, and even for making snacks! The best part about the crockpot, aside from the simplicity and ease of meal prep, is that cooking things at a lower temp means saving the nutritional value of your food and creating more nutrient-dense meals without even trying! If you don’t currently own a crockpot, save yourself a lot of time and get one! You can find one like mine here.

Veggie spiralizer
Sure, with the new trends you can now buy veggie noodles at Walmart, but you will spend twice as much on pre-prepared veggies as you will on whole veggies. You can spiral your veggies by hand using a little tool like this, or save time and energy by using an electrical spiralizer like this one, depending on how often you use veggie noodles. Tip- you can make these ahead of time and freeze them for future use! Just make sure to pat out as much moisture as possible with paper towels first.

Lemon squeezer
There is nothing like fresh citrus to dress up a glass of water, or to add that great dash of flavor to your salad or seafood. This awesome little tool will guarantee that you don’t waste a single drop, as well as keeping seeds from getting into your food. I received mine as a gift and now I use it almost daily. You can find yours here! Tip- Lemons are actually man-made hybrids. I always recommend using limes which are healthier and much more gentle on the digestive system.

Ninja blender system
My husband got me a Ninja two years ago for Christmas. I specifically asked for a juicer, but he thought I would like this better. I was a little annoyed and ended up buying my own juicer. Well, guess what? flash forward to now and I use my Ninja almost daily whereas that juicer comes out once in a blue moon. Needless to say, I am SO in love with my Ninja, and also with my husband who seems to know me better than I know myself. From making your own baby food, nut butter, oat flour, or almond milk, to the perfect banana bread, you will seriously fall head over heels for this thing.

Cutting board knife
Another amazing gem! This thing is my go-to when making a quick salad, chopping veggies for soups, or any other time I don’t feel like dragging out my big fat cutting board. Chopping veggies is probably my least favorite cooking task. This has been such a lifesaver on those days when I wanted a salad for lunch but really didn’t want to put in all the prep work. For some reason, the task of chopping seems much less daunting when all you have to get out is one tool!

Garlic chopper
Speaking of cutting veggies, if you want something minced or diced, this thing is a must-have! Put the veggies or herbs in the bottom, slam the button down a few times, and you’ve got it! Also great for stress relief! Did I mention I hate chopping things?

Apple peeler
Another thing I can thank my husband for. He picked up one of these things at the apple orchard a few years ago, despite my protests that we would never use it past that night making pies. Of course, the reality ended up being that I use this tool a lot! It not only peels apples but also many other veggies and fruits! Peeling things, like chopping, is definitely not my favorite. You can find one here.

Being properly prepared can make all the difference in whether you and your family are eating wholesome foods that nourish your bodies and fight diseases, or quick meals that fill your bellies but contribute to inflammation and sickness. All of the greatest kitchen gadgets in the world will not help you if you aren’t willing to put in some work. Freezer meals put together in advance will help on busy days or when something unexpected happens. Meal prepping for the week and having a weekly menu plan will also help to keep you on track, as well as to ensure you have all the ingredients you need on hand.

Once you decide to put in the effort of proper preparation, these and other gadgets can help you save time and money while you ensure your family is getting the best nutrition possible.

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  • Laura

    Kitchen gadgets are so much fun to look at in the store, even tools I’d never use. I’m definitely interested in the cutting board knife, though. The convenience of not having to wash the cutting board 10 times a day sounds very appealing. Thanks!

  • Erin

    Great ideas to save time! I have three little boys so anything that saves time is amazing lol
    I like the veggie chopper! I’ll have to look into one 🙂

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