• Healthy eating

    Kitchen Gadgets That Simplify Healthy Cooking

    The number one excuse people use as to why they have not changed their eating habits, even when they know all of the health problems that arise from our typical western diets, is the time and effort it takes to cook wholesome meals at home. Let’s face it, when we are already pulled in so many directions throughout the day, the last thing we want is to come home and face the daunting prep work that often comes along with eating healthy. These are a few of my favorite helpers in the kitchen, and a few tips and tricks to keep you from calling that pizza delivery place on your…

  • Holistic Health

    How Your Mind Affects Your Gut (and Vice-Versa)

    Have you ever had to give a speech, or sing for a crowd? In the hours or minutes leading up to the big moment, were you so nervous that you felt like you could vomit or that you needed to run to the bathroom? If so, you have experienced what I call the mind-gut connection. It’s no secret that our minds are powerful things. The evidence of the placebo effect should be enough to show us just how powerful. This phenomenon occurs when a patient is given a sugar pill and, believing it to be a healing medicine, begin to recover from their illness through simply believing that they would.…